Monday, August 31, 2015

A New Besom Sweeps Clean

This is your friendly neighborhood inkslinger, the Rockabilly Witch, and the former Detroit Paganism Examiner, Mistress Belladonna.  And this is my new column space.  For the moment, maybe longer.  Welcome to my lands, and now let's have a quick chat to get you started if you have never read things I have written before seeing this post.

This month, August 2015, the Detroit Paganism Examiner was put to bed on a high note.  Yours truly was the TOP Ranking writer for in the Non Traditional Religions category.  I consider this a victory.  So riding out on a high note is awesome. 

While not at liberty to disclose any information on correspondence with the good folks at, I can state that it would appear that they are heading in a new direction.  Since acquired by the new company, their direction is more focused on topics that garner more mainstream readership and interests.  I have no direct confirmation of this, only observation.

I could have let the tears fill up my electronic ink well, sulked, moaned, and all that rot.  And I do admit, it caught me flat footed and surprised.  But that is how it goes. Time for change. In the words of the performance artist +2pac  "new drink".

So watch this space.  New things are coming.  More articles will be written, as well as links included to some older articles in the Detroit Paganism Examiner.  Because that is part of my journey.  And NO, I am not going to slam them because of how we parted.  Let's just treat it like a break up after Senior Year.  Time to move on for both of us, but the memories are still good.

So hey there, Detroit Paganism Examiner readers, and new friends, welcome to the Detroit Paganism Today Space.  And hey,, no hard feelings.  I'll just light a candle for you, baby.  A really pretty one with all kinds of wonderful high smelling scents rooted in the spirit of "light".

So on that note, let's party, shall we?