Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A New Look at Clergy Basics

Monday, December 28, 2015

Unveiling Kris Bradley's journey to becoming a Death Doula Reprint

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

A holiday musing for my readers during this time of celebration

(To the tune of "Jingle Bells")

Solstice Dash

Dashing through the snow,
With all my witchy swag
Anointed head to toe
The belladonna is in my bag

Datura in my purse
To speed my spirit flight
Amber on my neck
Such a glowing sight

Oh, Solstice time
Spake in rhyme
And other holidays

No matter what the name they use
The Sun comes any way

Copper chimes
Cords that wind
Mistletoe and hay
Oh what fun to see the light
Of the dances of the Fae

Brewing up tisanes
And cocoas spiked with herbs
Bread bowls and meat stews
With friends, meals are superb

Resetting crystal grids
And knotting up my cords
Oh what fun to dance and sing
And consecrate my swords

Oh, Solstice time
Spake in rhyme
And other holidays

No matter what the name they use
The Sun comes any way

Whether casting in the round
Or the wheel itself we tread
Baking grain that's ground
Or eating ebon bread

No matter who you love
Or Tradition that you oath
Share an ale with kin or coven mates
Or maybe just do both

Oh, Solstice time
Spake in rhyme
And other holidays

No matter what the name they use
The Sun comes any way


Kenya Coviak aka Mistress Belladonna

By Ida Rentoul Outhwaite [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Native American Smudge Class at Gemini Moon and why you really should go

Bright Blessings!

This Saturday, at Gemini Moon in Mt. Clemens, Glenn Brown will be teaching about Native American Smudging starting at 7:00 p.m..  For those of us here in what this writer likes to refer to as Pure Pagan Michigan, this is important in a very personal way.  You see, dear reader, there is an issue, an elephant in the room, that no one talks about anymore.

The issue is that currently, everywhere you look, people are using the term "smudge" every time they light up some sage or other fumigation materials.  And this, dear readers, PISSES ME OFF.  WHY?


The term Smudge belongs to a specific style and cultural matrix, that of the First Nations of this continent.  It is a form of Smoke Cleansing.  There are many forms.  And pay very close attention to this next part:  Witches and other Pagans have stolen and burgled their house and taken it for themselves just as pretty as you please.

Every time someone fumes, or censes, a person in a public rituals of late, that term seems to rear up like a tarantula in a nature video in Australia.  Seriously.  And while it has become common practice to  the point where people do not even acknowledge that it is misapplied, the word Smudge is not something that is just folks fuming someone.  Unless you have been trained in the prep, use, purpose, and the care of the Medicines, there is a question to be asked:


Yes, good gentlefolk, this is appropriation.  And it is done under the dirty banner of eclecticism and ignorance.  But those who know better should try to do better.

*********************************END RANT**************************************

Glenn Brown will be teaching in the Lakota tradition, and is knowledgeable about many ways of smoke cleansing.  The use of white sage, and other herbs & resins will be expounded on in regard to their use for the clearance of negative energy.  The cost is  $20.00 per person and they ask that you  RSVP in order to ensure you have a seat, because space is limited.  You can call 586-222-2836, and while at it, why no phone a friend and invite them as well.

Blessed Be and Save A Seat for ME

And now, for a little humor for my readers who made it to the bottom.