Saturday, January 30, 2016

Imbolc Activities for Pagan Families

This is a reprint from my Detroit Paganism Examiner column from 2015.  Enjoy. 

Hello all you Pagan Homeschool folks, it's time to celebrate Imbolc. Because there is so much emphasis on the adult celebrations in our communities, sometimes the fun for home and families can get lost. So for those who do not have a young one who has reached the age where handcrafts are "mo-o-m, I am too old for that", here is a fun set of activities.

Draw a candle spiral with birthday candles, colored sidewalk chalk, and a table top. Put thirteen candles on the spiral, to represent the lunar year, and place a sun cake in the center. Using bright reds, yellows, and oranges, this is a fun activity that would go well with a telling of Brigid the Goddess's relationship to fire and smiths.

Construct a child friendly version of the lighted crown with chenille sticks. A simple girl's head band is a good base to wrap the sticks around. They are flexible enough to bend the tips into flames, or cotton felt fire tips can be hot glued (with adult supervision) to the tops.

Make a forge at home. Using cookie dough, shape cookies into horseshoes, swords, or any thing that you feel a smith would make. Then bake them in the forge (oven). Frost with colors inspired by a red palette.

Have a kiddie poetry jam. Let each child make a simple poem about Brigid's day. Then have them read them out loud and hang them around the house for the celebration. After all, "Imbolc was dedicated to the Celtic goddess Brigit, who was associated with learning, poetry, crafts and healing."

Create a Birch log out of fudge. You probably have made a Yule log. Well, make a Birch log by using white fudge, chocolate syrup, and coconut shavings. "... Birch wood has a strong association with Brighid...". You can add a healthy touch by adding blackberries to the side of the log.

A time tested and beloved activity using seeds is the sunflower bowl. Using a margarine tub, mix a bag of sunflower seeds (in the shells) with white school glue. With a wooden craft stick, press the seeds all along the bottom and inner walls of the plastic tub, making sure that there are no gaps and that it is smooth. Let dry a couple of days undisturbed until no longer sticky. Then carefully remove the seed form from the bowl, using a skewer if necessary to loosen. And there you have it, a seed bowl.

A wonderful way to incorporate audio learning into this holiday is to access "I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud (Daffodils)" by William Wordsworth atStorynory. Free downloadable mp3's are there for you to explore. Industrious parents can easily build an audio library supplement to their cache of resources. And do not forget, if able, it is always good to donate to their site to ensure that we pay it forward.

Little ones can have great fun making lambs. Using glue, construction paper, and cotton balls, they can fill the craft area with their fluffy creations. They can even make mobiles out of them with hangers and string with help from mom and dad.

To represent the Goddess of springs, use blue gelatin to create a punch bowl spring filled with candy fish. Candied sugar can cover the top, and marshmallow "stones" can dot the sides. A story about Brigid and streams would be appropriate here. Happy faces with blue tongues will thank you.

Now of course, what Imbolc would be worth its flame without the making of the Brigid's Cross? Grab your fibers and flex your fingers as you weave the craft together. Hanging them up around the house completes the festive feel of the weekend. Do not forget to leave them outside on the night of January 31st for Her blessing. Then they will bring good into the home for the rest of the year.

And last, but not in any way least, do not forget the what this author likes to call the "Pagan Mommy's Friend", Pooka Pages. One of the best parent and child friendly web based periodicals out here for Pagan Parents, it is the go-to resource for fun learning. Freely downloadable, with loads of good information, it is sure to become a favorite in your home if it is not there by now.

Be blessed and fruitful. Be industrious and kind. And never forget, you are shaping young minds. Have a great holiday.

Original article can be found at "Pagan homeschool activity for Imbolc" on Examiner.com

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Speramus Meliora, Resurget Cineribus: Witch's view on Flint, Emergency Managers, and Detroit

“I don’t know of any other city in the nation where there’s such a preoccupation in the suburbs for control. The same people who left the city for racial reasons still want to control what they’ve left.” - Mayor Coleman Young

Flat out, this is the fundamental thing you need to know about the driving forces that have coalesced to systematically destroy the infrastructures, societies, and governments of predominantly African American, or Black, cities in Michigan.  It is not just about race, but it is a prime factor.  And as a Witch who has lived in those cities, been educated in those cities, lived, laughed, loved, and experienced wonders in those cities, I am going to tip over the cauldron and spill the hemlock tea.

Let's talk about the Detroit Public Schools for a moment.  A fine system, when allowed to work as designed, where many of us learned the joy of music, benefited from a school age level exposure to Liberal Arts, and other wonderful vocational and athletic programs and scholarly pursuits that could rival any city.  This writer's first exposure to Shakespeare, Faust, Milton, meditation, magick, and astral projection all occurred here facilitated by staff and parent boosters.

Many a young thinker, though ostracized by their religious peers, were enabled and encouraged to find their own truths with the richness of library fare, and dedicated thinking teaching staff.  This was before the destruction of the system.  The front line educators then were at least given the weapons of truth, knowledge, and resources -though meager - to wage the good fight against ignorance.

Just to give you a current glimpse into the mess that has been made, here is the result of the latest from the front lines.

In the first batch of 11 school inspections, officials found rodent and insect issues, mold, a gym that's completely closed because of water damage, broken glass, bathroom doors that don't close, and boilers that don't work. - Kate Wells, Michigan Radio
 Now, the liars in charge would state that it is an indication of the pandemic of corruption, neglect, and graft of the residents in the city of Detroit.  Those who live here would laugh at this.  Why?  Because these schools have been under State of Michigan control for longer than my 12 year old daughter has been alive.  In actuality, it is the dogged gutting of the internal control systems, budgetary slide and glide political withholding of critical funding, and the culture of privatization being the goal that has led to this.

 Don't believe, do the research.  You will find that the schools were not in deficit when Lansing went crazy with the power grab and decided that self determination and the right to representation for the populous in the city were way too much for them to handle.  You will find that a major part of the problems in the city were not only corruption on small levels, but the malicious withholding of rightful monies to the city by Lansing.  What could have been the motive behind this?

Let us look next at the Detroit Water Department.  For decades, the suburbs have done their level best to wrest control of the city controlled domination of the monies involved in this enterprise.  Rather than building other treatment plant options, many of these communities - who are some of the richest in the Midwest and nation - have been zealously obsessed with gaining regional control.  It is almost perverse how many decades were dedicated to attaining this goal.  The question is, why?  What was so very odious about the population of the city owning its own water supply without external controls?

Before the Kilpatrick administration helped the agenda of every racist pundit in the universe insofar as their criticism of the city's populace, Detroit was on a fast track to reclaiming itself.  However, this was dashed to pieces when the relationships between Lansing and the city faltered as the bully pulpits of corporate lobbyists were beginning to be regulated.  This writer is no big Kilpatrick fan, but he did do some good along with the bad.  And that dropped the city back into the outs with the Dominant Dome in Lansing.  He stepped out of the role they envisioned for him and thus, the money went away that was actually due Detroit due to political pressuring to toe the line.

Now let us direct our gaze toward the city of Highland Park.  Years upon years of strategic under funding, and withholding of rightful funds, by Lansing contributed to its current desperate state of affairs.  A gleeful Governor Engler took great pleasure in closing its college, and institution that was a cornerstone of the educational culture of this state.  One of the most successful nursing programs in the state, home to a student body as diverse as Wayne State University, and with an extremely high rate of 4 year college transition, Highland Park Community College was placed upon the chopping block and murdered with a Lansing based flick of the wrist. 

A thriving community of "conscious" and magical workers and esoteric scholars filled the borders of this small municipality with ritual works, research, and reciprocal helps that buzzed around, and inside, the college proper.   This environment gave birth to many activists who made carpool trips to Lansing on a regular basis in order to speak in the legislature.  Wonder why it was on the target?

The Emergency Manager law was but a gleam in the elite's eye at that time, so the governors had to do the dirty work directly back then.  But of course, as soon as the office was created, the logical extension to this was that they would receive theirs.  and what happened when they did so?

Arthur Blackwell II, Highland Park’s former emergency financial manager, was ordered to repay more than $250,000 he paid himself. - "The Scandal of Michigan’s Emergency Managers - Chris Savage

Take a quick ride in another direction to Benton Harbor.  Another predominantly African American city.  Another situation where the Powers That Be decided to take over an entire city.  And in this case, the blatancy of the self interest was mind boggling.  After fighting for years against developers who would destroy a city resource, within the historical blink of an eye, the Emergency Manager made sure to feather his nest with a sweetheart deal with developers.  And as expected, how do you think it went?
 Joseph Harris made several false statements and made several federal and state violations. He also increased the budget deficits and defaulted in his duties. - "Good Riddance To Emergency Manager Joseph Harris" -  Rev. Edward Pinkney, People's Tribune

But we are not going to cover this issue city by city.  Let's get to what you may have read something about in your local news.  The city of Flint and the water scandal.  The crux of the issue is that the administration of this fine state of Michigan, the Land of the Fresh Water Seas, decided to allow and support an Emergency Manager's decision to willfully disconnect from the City of Detroit's water system in order to save money by using the Flint River, a river known to contain substances that are unsafe.  And even now, there are rumblings that a nod to the fracking industry may be involved in that decision.  For some background, here is a nutshell:

During Earley's 16 months as Flint's emergency manager, the city went ahead with a plan to save money by switching its water supply from the Detroit system to a new pipeline consortium, and to use Flint River water until the new pipeline was ready. However, anti-corrosion agents were not added to the salty river water, causing metal leaching in city pipes and dangerously elevated lead levels among some residents - Problems in Detroit, Flint Show Rift Over Emergency Managers - Corey Williams, associated press
Nothing in this state from Lansing is passed through rapidly without benefit to the lobbyists and the businesses that serve as kingdoms of power.  Nothing combats these groups like advocacy and direct focused magical and spiritual combat.  Power does not yield without force, and it is now that the rededicated force of those of us here who have been working on this issue with not only Flint, but Michigan itself, this culture of imperial control, must grit teeth and cast more candles.

Cui Bono: a principle that probable responsibility for an act or event lies with one having something to gain. - Merriam Webster

 And yet, it is vital to understand that it is not a conscious thought of racially motivated action that people will see.  Because it also about moneyed vs the poor.  The higher vs the lower.  The empowered vs the disenfranchised.  Race is always in the background, but at the bedrock, it is about exercising power over groups of people who are not in a class to be able to exert lobbying power and finance in order to get their way in the halls of power.

 In every case where an Emergency Manager has been installed, one can see where the people suffer under misapplied austerity.  And if you scratch enough from the patina of denial, you will find the surface of the monuments of greed, corporate interest, and reckless disregard for the populations who do not pay for those dinners off the hill.

 Put bluntly, since the voters in Flint, Michigan, are a lost cause and of no use to the Republican lead state government, those in power have little incentive to respond to the complaints. Compound this political disincentive with what has been explicated above (racism and classism (sic)), and you have a recipe for disaster. As the citizens of the city lost hair and developed rashes, as poor brown children drank water that was tainted with E. Coli and smelled of metal and gas, those with the power to help did nothing.

 And for that cause, children have been poisoned and people have died.  And no amount of root work will change that.  For that cause, a city's residents have been made a hostage population, because they cannot sell their homes as they are contaminated.  And no amount of blessed oil will grease those wheels enough to change that.  But maybe, just maybe, change can be accomplished now before another tragedy happens.  Raise the flame, and let your candle burn bright, and pray for the strength of the warriors in Lansing who fight.

The fact of the matter is, this city, all the cities in Michigan, are magic.  They are all alive with spirits and entities that are beyond imagining for many.  And that we have destroyed so much of it in the interest of greed is astonishingly horrid.  The fact that we are destroying each other in the name of greed is tragic.  And the fact that for generations there will be those who whisper the names of Flint and Detroit with scorn and pity is a form of baneful magic of its own is disgraceful.

So to you who would lift Flint up, who would lift Detroit up, who would lift the lives of Michigan up, place a phoenix on your altar today.  Because like always, the people of Michigan will rise up from this, no matter what our overlords try to bring, because you cannot keep the people here down.  And for my home city, my birth place, my phoenix rides in my heart.

And to the folks in Lansing.  Stop Lying.


Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Things to do during Imbolc season for my Southeast Michigan Pagans

 The Wheel turns, and with it, it is time to turn our selves toward coming out of hibernation and enjoy fellowship.  As a service, your friendly neighborhood inkslinger is providing a little fun activity guide for you to consider as you welcome the fiery creativity of Imbolc.  New and familiar things to try and do await you.

Most of the readers of this blog, and the former column, know that one never knows what will be in these guides.  That is part of the fun.  But just know, that if they are in one of these lists, either they are put on by Pagans, are popular with Pagans, are geared toward Pagans, or are of interest to Pagans here  in Metro Detroit.  So you will not likely be alone.  We are everywhere.
Janurary 21, 2016, 7:10 PM - 9:00 PM
"Many have looked at the gods and see that many similar types of deity can be identified. In this class we will look at these similarities and how they have shaped modern paganism. We will also look at incorporating some of these energies into your own practice." $10.00 Temple donation.  The Pagan Pathways Temple, 28736 John R Rd Madison Heights, MI 48071.

 Essential Oils for the Immune System w/Janet Callahan
 January 27, 2016, 7 PM
"Learn about how to safely use essential oils to help support your immune system. I'll be creating a brand-free zone here (we all have our favorites) but will be speaking in more general terms than in terms of specific brands." $10 per person.  The Pagan Pathways Temple, 28736 John R Rd Madison Heights, MI 48071.

 Breaking Borders "Spellbound"!!! 
 January 30, 2016,  7 PM - 11:55 PM
 "A Celebration of Creativity through Art, Music, Performance, Fashion, and more!
18+, Voodoo priestess, Ms. Lambergiinnii, Snake Charming by Dani Dracaena, magical all Body paint Fashion show, and more. Proceeds from art sales will be donated to Burners Without Borders
 $15 Cover.  Tangent Gallery / Hastings Street Ballroom,715 E Milwaukee St, Detroit, Michigan 48202
Pagan Pathways Temple - Imbolc Ritual and Potluck Saturday, January 30, 2016, 5 PM - 8 PM.                                            "Join Pagan Pathways Temple as we celebrate Imbolc. Stay after Ritual for a potluck with the community. Please bring a dish to pass."  The Pagan Pathways Temple, 28736 John R Rd Madison Heights, MI 48071.

Shining Lakes Grove, ADF Imbolc Ritual
January 31, 2 PM - 5 PM
"Come join us as we honor Bríd, our Grove's goddess of inspiration. There will be a potluck and a raffle after the rite. All welcome." Ann Arbor Friends Meeting,1420 Hill St, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104

Northern Mysteries Protogrove, ADF - Dísablót/Disting
 January 31,at 10 AM
"Dísablót is a celebration of the female ancestors and was traditionally held in conjunction with Disting, or the major social and political gathering of the Swedes. Join us as we remember our foremothers and honor the Earth (Hretha) as She prepares to wake from Her long winter slumber. " 
Columbus, Ohio (specifics shared with RSVP since it's at someone's home)

 IDEA's Frozen Heart Masquerade Ball
February 5, 8 PM - 2 AM
"Come one, come all! Ignite Detroit Entertainment association is taking over the Tangent Gallery for a masquerade ball. We will be doing things a little differently; Three stages, and one big dance floor. Masks and formal wear STRONGLY encouraged. Tickets $15, or two for $20 ." Tangent Gallery / Hastings Street Ballroom, 715 E Milwaukee St, Detroit, Michigan 48202

Imbolc Celebration and Rights of Rededication 
Saturday, February 6, 2016, 3 PM - 6 PM
"On February 6, 2016, please join us as we mark the turning of the wheel with a public Imbolc ritual encouraging the return of the sun; hold sacred space for those who choose to brave the Rites of Passage Re/Dedication (see below for more information on participating and RSVP details); followed by a potluck and fellowship. For more info about Imbolc, please visit-   For more information, or to RSVP as a dedicant in the re/dedication rites of passage, please contact Jack Mercer via phone at 810-919-0582, or via email at There is no need to RSVP for the open Imbolc ritual, but we do ask that you RSVP if you plan to participate in the re/dedication rites so that we may plan accordingly. We are looking very forward to sharing sacred space with you! Presented by the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Flint Pagans. Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Flint, 2474 S Ballenger Hwy, Flint, MI 48507

 February 6, 2016 Time TBD
"Please join us for our annual Imbolc rite. Set-up, prep, and ritual times TBD. The ritual site allows for the use of indoor facilities, so plans tentatively include a potluck feast following the ritual. Please check back mid-January for updates, or email for more information." 
 I.A.M.M., 5705 S. Washington, Lansing, MI 48911,

 Capoeira Angola for Healthy Living Workshop - w/Contra-Mestre Pequenininho
 February 6 - February 7,Feb 6 at 12 PM to Feb 7 at 4 PM
"Hello everyone come join us and share in the beauty which is Capoeira Angola through the use of everyday healthy practice. The following 2 days will be filled with fitness, laughter, music and growth through Capoeira Angola as taught by Contra-Mestre Pequenininho. This is a great opportunity to learn a new infinite workout to help those long winter days.  Location:
Fee: $20 per day $35 for both days."
Tabcat Detroit - Eastpointe,23051 Gratiot Ave, Eastpointe, Michigan 48021

The Smokey Crystal - Imbolc
February 7, 2PM
Go to their website for further details as they arise.

 Ferndale Mardi Bras 2016
 February 9,at 6 PM - 9 PM
Celebrate Mardi Bras by giving to women in need in our communities while celebrating Mardi Gras at The Loving Touch.

Please bring:
Bras (new)
Underwear (new)
Menstrual cups
Panty liners
Wet wipes/feminine wipes
Women's socks
Other toiletries or comfort items
One gallon Zip Lock bags

 The Loving Touch,22634 Woodward Ave, Ferndale, Michigan 48220

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Pagan Business Network restructures and expands its reach

Seize the day!  That seems to be the cry of the Pagan Business Network, and the personal mission of its founder Charissa Iskiwitch.   What started as a modest proposal to empower Pagan business owners to take control of their destinies together has turned into a virtual blossoming entrepreneurial empire.  Building upon the momentum of the initial vision, it is striving to present a banquet of various media for the consumer to enjoy and from which to choose.

Those familiar with this dynamic organization will already be very familiar with its online presence.  But for those who may not have had a chance to really check them out, let's talk first about what they already have going.  In addition to acquiring the Pagan Black Book, social media has been very good business.

Their Facebook game is strong, as they maintain
Twitter has been caught up in the wave as well.  With members using the little blue bird of marketing happiness for a messenger, they have increased both sales and exposure for their membership  To see what is new, click here

While the conventional social media has been very good to the PBN, it has found that it is time to hatch from the falcon's egg and spread its wings far and wide.  The platforms used up until now are no longer adequate to deliver the entire experience that the network wants to provide.  

Paid membership has now been made into a viable and desirable option in order to enable the expansion of services that features perks and an exposure base that previously was only envisioned for long term in the future.  Well the future has become now.  The time for growth has come, and they have recognized that in order to succeed, they had to expand beyond what they have already created and strive to build even more upon its foundation.

"The only man who behaved sensibly was my tailor; he took my measurement anew every time he saw me, while all the rest went on with their old measurements and expected them to fit me." --George Bernard Shaw

While still maintaining their commitment to their Facebook ground floor members, they have expanded the resources available to paid membership in order to fund their growth.  When the business is more than a hobby, this is the next step.  With  paid membership comes 
  •  Business Spotlights
  •  Social Media Sharing
  •  Blogroll
  •  Membership Card
  •  Pagan Packs by PBN
  • First Call: Group Advertisements
  • Advertising Page on PBN Website
  • Basic Social Media Analysis
  • Basic Graphic Design / Marketing Analysis
  • Referrals
  • Social Media Sharing (Street Team)
  • Reduced Rates on Radio & Web Ads
  • Add Ons
  •  Business Listing on the Website
  •  Access to Business Discussions on Facebook 
  • Reviews
  •  Swag Bags
  •  Donations for Events
  •  Sharing Ladders
  •  Group Ads

They have invested in a professional broadcast platform for a radio station.   This will also include a mobile app that will soon allow streaming for the station.  Advertisers will be able to have both and audio, and visual, presence, with this utility.

Pagan musicians everywhere are encouraged to contact them to be featured on the station.  They are looking for music of all genres.  Devotional, spiritual, popular, tribal, rock, funk, chant, all these and more are welcome.  Those who compose instrumental music are also sought as well.

On air personality interviews, show ideas, event coverage, all these are in the plans.  Not a one trick pony, the station seeks to become a source of entertainment, enlightenment, and constant growth as far as shows and music.   And of course, members of the PBN will be right in there for spotlights, interviews, product reviews, and other advertising.

Business owners a chance to lend a voice to their names, give sound bites, and promote themselves.  Interviews, and shows, will also be featured as part of the regular programming on the station and on the new YouTube channel.  Videos of these interviews, event coverage, and more will comprise the promising content of this visual component of support.

Another intriguing development is the creation of a news site.  Featuring blogs, columns, interviews, and contributor columns, this will be the place that the public can go to find out about local and national events of interest to Pagans, read reviews, enjoy fun articles and learn.

Pagan Business Network is looking for columnists, bloggers, feature writers, serialists, illustrators, reporters, and interviewers for this venture.  Got an idea that you would love to see someone cover, if you are a writer, this is your chance.  Whether a reporter style column, blog post, or human interest piece, the doors are open to contributors.  Members can also earn special incentives by submitting pieces as well.

Be on the lookout for their Virtual Street Team.  A marketing body of the PBN, team members earn rewards by sharing ads and hashtags.  Yet another of the services groups under the umbrella of the main group, it allows for people who excel in this area to earn rewards and incentives.  Charissa sums it up best when she says

"This is will help build the PBN enabling it to bring you better resources."

The sheer magnitude of what Charissa has envisioned has necessitated the need for the creation of a staff that can be mini Atlasses to her world.  These include:
  • Sadie Odinsdottir - Marketing Director
  • Cardea Hinges - Administrative Director
  • Kenya Coviak - Managing News Director
  • Dru Ann Welch - Accounting Director
  • Mark Dennard - Website Director 
  • Scooter McMillan - Music Program Director
  • David Iskiwitch - Broadcast Station Director
  • Charissa Iskiwitch - The CEO and Owner ( this writer also refers to her as the Ringmaster)

And in 2018, the plan is for an actual physical conference.  That is right, a convention.  A gathering of the tribes, so to speak, to come together for workshops, presentations, seminars, and most importantly, networking.

But that is not going to be the only place presenters will be called on.  Webinars, interviews, and more are all in the plan.  Watch what happens next.

(Full disclosure: I am in PBN, so now you know.  No shock, hunh?)

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Smokey Crystal keeps on rising

The story of "The Little Engine That Could" is a pale portrait of perseverance when compared to that epitome of adaptable mastery and gumption The Smokey Crystal.  Long beloved as the favorite down river spot for Pagan Southeast Michigan communities, it served as a haven and library for many years.  And like many jewels, it sometimes has to pass through different settings for people to appreciate the lustrous jade in their hands.

Michigan is a changeable realm.  The Fresh Water Seas are ever exerting their ebbs and flows, and so does our economy.  Pagans feel these tides, and our businesses sometimes need to make changes in order to ride the tides.  That is why it is so very important to shop locally and support our brick and mortar stores, because if we do not, they turn to the red ink of sacrifice.

Many a day has this writer known that Anna has robbed herself in order to keep this business going.  Working tirelessly, she refuses to let anyone destroy what she has built with, and for, the community.  Endless seasons of construction blocking their signage, population shifts, and good old fashioned economic downturn sought to overwhelm the Crystal, but they are not soft, these are Michigan folk.  We hustle harder.

The indomitable Anna Calhoun rises again, fresh with a new store location and a vibe of phoenix energy as she has burned a new beacon in Penelope's Vintage.  Nestled among treasures and curiosities, she has a prime location for any psychometrist's dreams.  And with her famous gifts of mediumship and oracular prowess, we can foresee a bright future in this uniquely welcoming location.

All the things you love about The Smokey Crystal are still there.  The special merchandise, the stones, the knowledge, and the wares.  And more importantly, the same genuine warmth and fellowship are intact, along with the hardiness of the traveler.

There is still a home for those who wander into her lands, and all who do will know that they are not only not lost, they have indeed found exactly what they were looking for all along.  The rituals, Sabbats, classes, and book signings are sure to reemerge, as well as the friendly greetings of Gweni, our Pagan Michigan approved official canine family member.  You can find them online at their site, and read more about them in the Pagan Business Network's business spotlight article.

The new location for The Smokey Crystal is at 12219 Dix Toledo Rd, in Southgate.  For those who follow the blue bird of bardic electronic knowledge, you can follow them on Twitter. Call them at

(734) 796-7702, and let them know your friendly neighborhood Pagan inkslinger sent you.  Let's keep those inked accounting entries out of red and keep them black this time, for all of us.  Shop your local Pagan businesses.