Tuesday, September 25, 2018

The myth of the Section 8 excuse

One day, when people do research outside of Google, they might learn that Section 8 was not designed to undermine the Black family. That's an old and tired lame excuse for other factors that were imposed that did lead to the removal of the Black men from our society.

Section 8 was where people went after they were gone, caught up by the systems put in place and skewed place to add them to the prison industry complex. Maybe people need to stop repeating  what they heard others say and read for themselves.

Nothing in the Great Society programs was designed for this end. The twisting the application and guidelines by oppressive agenda pushers led to the twisted results we see now.

Stop letting popular media, and revisionist history pieces,  raise your children and feed your mind. The mythos of Black on Black crime bring a "thing" separate from crime was a single book that was patched into by perverse racist elements been in pushing a bigoted narrative. There is only crime.

The introduction of drugs into the communities in order to undermine political advocacy, enfranchisement, and societal agency was the big picture goal. The power lies in the ability to make, enforce, and elect leadership that sustains and reform laws. Without communities being to focus on generating those who can do this, due to the drug crisis, we saw the destruction of the progress made by the Black Freedom Movement (aka the Civil Rights Movement).

Make no mistake, this policy of death by little bites effective. Then add to this the actual dumbing down of content in not only the schools, and entertainment, but the also the devaluing of the tradesperson. Erasure of images of common folks living noncaricatured existences only increased as we worshipped the and electronic screen success stories.

Somewhere along the line, the goal became that everyone went to college..... But forgot that college not only is for getting a job, but for the ability to learn to think and reason. It's a party, but not the only path. There people who look down on trade school graduates are often the same ones who pat themselves in the back for getting MBAs or Computer skills, ignoring that there are also trade educations. And the division that marked Booker T. and W.E.B. continues, the irony lost that it still hasn't been resolved despite all this posturing.

Current pundent writers the Diaspora take shits at the old guard leadership without acknowledging that there is no one other than entertainers and athletes who command enough space to take their places IN GENERAL. Or they worship any leader but with a slick website, the right PC buzzwords, and enough material to fill infomercial. These cults of Personality and anti Personality are not only counterproductive, but dangerous to the fights ahead of us to preserve the actual focus on the preservation of our rights as humanity in the Western World.


Stop focusing only on the losses, success comes from studying successes with the same gravity. Learn the differences between strategy and tactics. Create your own support networks and stop viewing every person of another race as your automatic enemy. There are enough real ones that it is foolish to create them from our own arrogant, and probably narrowly, informed opinions.

Working with others is how things get done, but before that can happen you have to know what you are working to achieve. The hold on Black Freedom Movement initiatives, that some of our allies have intoxicated us with in the name of false claims of intersectionality, has not helped. To be intersectional, you need to identify your sections. That means that when it's time to talk about race, we do. When it's time to talk about issues within that issue that affect certain groups, we do, but never at the expense of silencing the overall points of bettering conditions for humanity and out right to be recognized as human.

You can't do that without the ability to think, and minds need food. Read. Read and write your own thoughts out on paper or on a tablet, not in a tweet style bite. Learn to hold a thought more than for five minutes past exiting a tab.

Do not be a parrot. Think about how things may come this point from different points of view, even your enemy's.

Do not be a wage slave. Sell your labor by the hour, not become an employee in fealty to another person's dream. Remember that you have your own dreams and are the dream of your ancestors. Don't become a nightmare.

Conduct yourself with honor. Take self responsibility for your actions and ideas. Know when you are facing systemic oppression, or when you're facing the result of your own choices. There is a difference.

Ok. I'm off the soapbox. I have work to do.