Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Bookies Bar co-owner and the incredible amor fati of social media respectability tap dancing

The population of Detroit consists of those who smell of church oils, vesta powder, and clean pressed shirts with just a hint of the scent of transmission fluid, and a large percentage of African American peoples. Mark Jerant, the co-owner of Bookies Bar & Grille in downtown, seemed to forget the power of that population once it mobilizes. Why does this matter in a column devoted to Paganism? Because Mark Jerant's cyclical fall from grace, apology, and ultimate fate are tied to the collective focused energetic will (see egregore) of the people that arose from post-Young Detroit's populace. In other words, there is punitive spiritual action afoot.

The clicking nails that denote the keystrokes of offended patrons are no doubt resounding loudly in his consciousness. The Detroiter's who may or may not involved themselves with racial and socioeconomic activism on a daily public basis, are the same ones that have decided as a body to engage in modern-day "witchcraft of the mouth" through social media to punish Mark Jerant for his commentary on the outrageous killing of 40-year-old Terence Crutcher. The components for this work are the personal concerns that consist of his wrongheaded and loose talk revealing his true level of regard for the diasporic clientage he serves.

Let us take a look, shall we, at the good Mr. Jerant's comments juxtapose Mr. Crutcher being gunned down.

Do you mean the unarmed man Who didn't listen to police....... Again.
The one who continued to resist by waking away from the police .... Again.
The one who continued to walk away with his hands up, and proceeded to disobey more orders all the way back to his vehicle.
Tthen put his hands down continued to disobey orders and then reached into the open widow of car? That unarmed man? That one that simply didn't listen ....... Again.

Get ready for the liberal media frenzy of BS. Then the audio will come out, then everyone will say he didn't listen, then after a false narrative for 3 months by BLM and "rioting peaceful protests" everyone will say ohhh I guess he was wrong, and the police were right? Then after a real investigation the truth comes out?
Simple story never changes. Listen to police who have guns pointed at you and don't get shot. It isn't hard.
Here we go again. "Hands up" until they aren't anymore. The media will cut video then, just wait until mainstream plays the clip. CNN we are ready for your half story !!! They will ignore everything else. Clicks and ads it's always about money not the truth. watch and see.

Of course, now the obligatory apology has been rendered unto the public via a public relations screen in order to soothe those shocked and outraged by the above statements.  Indeed, his candor on his personal insights has led to these statements going viral to the point where there was no other choice except to hire a professional "fixer". Alas, it is a case of letting the cat out of the bag on a person's true beliefs, parading the cat around, letting it spray the Ethan Allen chaise (shout out to a Michigan company), and then trying to spray it all down with Febreze. The stain, and the stink, are not hidden.

Well isn't that special? I am sure that it does not escape the readers' attention what the word "candid" means. According to the MacMillan Dictionary, it means  honest and direct, even when the truth is not pleasant. So, then, it is clear that it was precisely his intent to convey his true feelings, using the words he did,  when he made that earlier post on his social media. Sometimes, the fox gets his tail wet when crossing by trying to be too clever. Feeling a little soggy, Mark?

Maybe Detroit business owners need to take a lesson from Populux. Oops, I mean the Magic Stick. After all, Populux learned the hard way about popping off that incendiary trash about humanity. Especially when the population of his locale is over 80% African American. Money is powerful, nobody wields the ritual tool of it like the Motor City. 

Oh, and in case you didn't know, I don't believe him or his apology via public relations hired gun. The old trope of the "African American friend pass" is over and tired. Just like your business may be soon if you don't watch your mouth.

Monday, September 12, 2016

The Michigan Midwest Witches Bazaar will rock your stripey sox for 2016

The Midwest Witches Bazaar: A Magickal Marketplace Shopping Experience will be celebrating its 6th year with a blast this time around with swag bags, new vendors, and wares that are sure to dazzle the eye and make light the purse. A part of an overall day of celebration, it is held as the morning event for the Michigan-Midwest Witches Ball.  

The ball has been the top social and charitable event in Michigan, and one heck of a party, for 20 years. And as usual, it has been sold out yet again. OH, and this is happening! Dorothy Morrison is doing something splendid.

As a sponsor of the ball, she was given four tickets. Since she cannot attend, she wants to give back to the Michigan community who has been so loving to her. In an effort to support both the local community and local vendors, Candle Wick Shop will be working with Dorothy to select the two couples who will receive free tickets to Midwest Witches’ Ball.

All you have to do is send an email message to and nominate the couple of your choice.  You have to give a quick summary of why you think they should win these tickets in the email. Make sure to include their contact information and ages, because this is a 21 and over event due to alcohol.  Nominations will be accepted between Sept 1st and Sept 30th 2016.

But you don't have to be over 21 to shop at the bazaar. It is the perfect place to pick up some adornments and charms from folks that come all the way here just to be at this event. It is free and open to the public on October 8th, 2016 from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.. You don't have to have a ball ticket to enter.
A select and lucky few got the spots to be in the Bazaar. To make the cut, they had to be the tops at professionalism, standing, and public demand. Meeting and networking at the Bazaar is one of the biggest Pagan shopping days of the year.

And did you know, that something special is happening at the BAZAAR this year? Something marvelous! There will be Swag Bags for the first 200 people through the door. From what I have been told, and gotten a sneak peak to see, these are amazing.Wares from vendors and artisans from all over are stuffed into these little lovelies. For a list of sponsors, visit this link.

If you want a tiny cheater's chance at getting one, try to win one at Ancient Faiths Alliance's All Hands Together Harvest Festival this weekend. The Midwest Witches Bazaar donated one of them as a prize. To find out what's inside, you've got to win.

See ya there. Shop til you bop. Here is some theme music from a hometown girl.


Thursday, September 8, 2016

Heathens, Pagans, and Burners put ethos before egos in Detroit

On August 14th, Detroit was again the site of the powerful Street Store phenomenon. In the shadow of the Masonic Temple, volunteers from various areas of  Southeastern Michigan came together to put forth their hearts and hands in providing good clothing and material needs in service to the homeless residents of Detroit. This time, the event was at Cass Park, 600 Ledyard Street.

Matt Orlando and Kyle Coviak added their hands and hearts to the Street Store Image: Kenya Coviak, all rights reserved
Matt Orlando and Kyle Coviak added their hands and hearts to the Street Store Image: Kenya Coviak, all rights reserved
Matt Orlando, of Ancient Faiths Alliance and Northern Mist Kindred pitched in to lend an arm. A busy man, he found time to come in and put feet to the street to get to know the people who may not get to speak to candidates up “close and personal”. He is running for Representative to U.S. Congress under the Libertarian ticket this election. And though the folks who live in this district are not his constituents, he expressed his belief that people don’t stop having needs at the edge of a voting boundary.
The good Reverend Gerrybrete Leonard-Whitcomb, of Universal Society of Ancient Ministry dashed off before I could get an image of her dropping off a fresh batch of clothing. She put out a call on the Pagans In Need Facebook page for men’s clothing in larger sizes in the week leading up to the event. Though sick, she still made it a priority to drop and dash back for some needed recovery time.

Modest beginnings lead to big things. These racks below look like they are very thin. However, within minutes they were groaning under the weight of hundreds of donated, clean garments. Bins and boxes waited in readiness as they were continuously emptied by all who came.

Burners Without Borders set up the store across from the Wobbly Kitchen Image: Kenya Coviak, All Rights Reserved
Burners Without Borders set up the store across from the Wobbly Kitchen Image: Kenya Coviak, All Rights Reserved

Kyle Coviak, of the GLWC of Michigan, and Ancient Faiths Alliance, also hit the park site with strength and energy. He is known as one of the faces of volunteerism in the local spiritual communities. Working in tandem with a system of constant flow, he kept the clients happy and the lines stocked with clothing and home wares. Neat and tidy is his watchword and it showed.

Lifting and loading. Image: Kenya Coviak, All Rights Reserved
Lifting and loading. Image: Kenya Coviak, All Rights Reserved
*Full disclosure: He is my husband, and at this time we shall all ask for prayers, as I am definitely NOT neat and tidy. His struggle continues.*

In addition to these items, hygiene kits were available as well.  Food items were on hand and ready to go. This seemed to work hand in hand with the mission of the good folks across the green.
The Wobbly kitchen, as a gathering and an institution, is all about good feelings, good folks, and food. The smells coming from the buffet were mouth-watering, and the music was jamming. If you want to see more, catch them the 2nd and 4th Sundays.
The Burners Without Borders Detroit chapter plans to do this again. If you want to volunteer, you can go to their WordPress to keep yourself in the loop. The place may change, but the mission remains the same. Be a part of a growing momentum and give of yourself. It feels good. And you might just get to share ice cream at the end.

Burners Without Borders Detroit, Matt Orlando, Kyle Coviak Image: Kenya Coviak, all rights reserved
Burners Without Borders Detroit, Matt Orlando, Kyle Coviak Image: Kenya Coviak, All Rights Reserved
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