Wednesday, May 4, 2016

An announcement from the Universal Society of Ancient Ministry on the passing of Michael Wiggins

This morning, May 4, 2016, Michael Wiggins passed from this life into the next one.   A showman, magickian, artist, visionary, dancer, and renaissance man.  He was also a man with a compassionate heart.

A loving description by his wife, given when he was announced Pagan of the Year in 2013 CE.

Michael has technically been a part of the Pagan Community since birth, being blessed by his mother’s Gardnerian Coven when he was born. Michael Wiggins has kept his long standing involvement in the Pagan community ever since in many different facets: co-leading a private teaching group for friends and children of friends; attending “Meet Your Local Witch” nights at the long-gone Lavender Moon Cafe; being involved in various events throughout the Michigan and surrounding areas and of course his service with MEC and ConVocation
As President of MEC (Magical Education Council) Michael has been the face of Convocation for many years and has done a wonderful job of getting the convention to
grow and expand each year, bringing in a welcoming environment in which everyone to be free to be who you are.
Michael is also an accomplished artist, constructing a variety of steampunk art as well as other genres in a wide array of mediums, and performs the last 3 centuries of dance with a historical dance troupe.

Michael was a truly beautiful soul.  A witty conversationalist, one evening, I had the privilege of hearing a little about his story as a young boy growing up in 60's Detroit.  You never knew what insight you would get, but it was always something thoughtful and surprising.   His wisdom helped shape a vision of what greatness and beauty that can be ours if we grasp it.  It sustains those of us who knew him.

Hail the Mighty Dead.  Blessed Travels, Michael.


An  account is being set up to help with the expenses associated with the final expenses and to assist the family.  This unexpected time has created a shock among us, but for them it has changed their lives forever.  Remember this, and send a prayer from the heart for them. 

There will be a public memorial service on May 21, 2016.  The exact details are still in process, so watch for updates.  If you are like many of us, this will be a day to request off of work so that we can mark the passing of a man I refer to as Pagan Michigan's Ard Ri.

If you are able to help monetarily in any way, send any donations to the Michael Wiggins Memorial Fund on GoFundMe.


  1. Blessings to our Pagan family... And go in power and go in peace Michael....

  2. Hail! Many blessings to all whom Michael touched. Peace and love to his family and friends. Peace and love to you Michael, go in love knowing you did good work.

  3. Oh my goodness! I took several pictures of him just this Sunday at Penguicon. We talked at length about his plans to revive Up in the Aether parties at the Phoenix Cafe. This is sudden and terribly sad!

  4. May the divine feminine watch over you.

  5. Truly a wondrous spirit has departed this world, on a journey to the next. May Eris's eye fall on others, and Tyche bless you.

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