Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Bookies Bar co-owner and the incredible amor fati of social media respectability tap dancing

The population of Detroit consists of those who smell of church oils, vesta powder, and clean pressed shirts with just a hint of the scent of transmission fluid, and a large percentage of African American peoples. Mark Jerant, the co-owner of Bookies Bar & Grille in downtown, seemed to forget the power of that population once it mobilizes. Why does this matter in a column devoted to Paganism? Because Mark Jerant's cyclical fall from grace, apology, and ultimate fate are tied to the collective focused energetic will (see egregore) of the people that arose from post-Young Detroit's populace. In other words, there is punitive spiritual action afoot.

The clicking nails that denote the keystrokes of offended patrons are no doubt resounding loudly in his consciousness. The Detroiter's who may or may not involved themselves with racial and socioeconomic activism on a daily public basis, are the same ones that have decided as a body to engage in modern-day "witchcraft of the mouth" through social media to punish Mark Jerant for his commentary on the outrageous killing of 40-year-old Terence Crutcher. The components for this work are the personal concerns that consist of his wrongheaded and loose talk revealing his true level of regard for the diasporic clientage he serves.

Let us take a look, shall we, at the good Mr. Jerant's comments juxtapose Mr. Crutcher being gunned down.

Do you mean the unarmed man Who didn't listen to police....... Again.
The one who continued to resist by waking away from the police .... Again.
The one who continued to walk away with his hands up, and proceeded to disobey more orders all the way back to his vehicle.
Tthen put his hands down continued to disobey orders and then reached into the open widow of car? That unarmed man? That one that simply didn't listen ....... Again.

Get ready for the liberal media frenzy of BS. Then the audio will come out, then everyone will say he didn't listen, then after a false narrative for 3 months by BLM and "rioting peaceful protests" everyone will say ohhh I guess he was wrong, and the police were right? Then after a real investigation the truth comes out?
Simple story never changes. Listen to police who have guns pointed at you and don't get shot. It isn't hard.
Here we go again. "Hands up" until they aren't anymore. The media will cut video then, just wait until mainstream plays the clip. CNN we are ready for your half story !!! They will ignore everything else. Clicks and ads it's always about money not the truth. watch and see.

Of course, now the obligatory apology has been rendered unto the public via a public relations screen in order to soothe those shocked and outraged by the above statements.  Indeed, his candor on his personal insights has led to these statements going viral to the point where there was no other choice except to hire a professional "fixer". Alas, it is a case of letting the cat out of the bag on a person's true beliefs, parading the cat around, letting it spray the Ethan Allen chaise (shout out to a Michigan company), and then trying to spray it all down with Febreze. The stain, and the stink, are not hidden.

Well isn't that special? I am sure that it does not escape the readers' attention what the word "candid" means. According to the MacMillan Dictionary, it means  honest and direct, even when the truth is not pleasant. So, then, it is clear that it was precisely his intent to convey his true feelings, using the words he did,  when he made that earlier post on his social media. Sometimes, the fox gets his tail wet when crossing by trying to be too clever. Feeling a little soggy, Mark?

Maybe Detroit business owners need to take a lesson from Populux. Oops, I mean the Magic Stick. After all, Populux learned the hard way about popping off that incendiary trash about humanity. Especially when the population of his locale is over 80% African American. Money is powerful, nobody wields the ritual tool of it like the Motor City. 

Oh, and in case you didn't know, I don't believe him or his apology via public relations hired gun. The old trope of the "African American friend pass" is over and tired. Just like your business may be soon if you don't watch your mouth.

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