Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Interviewed by Olea Hokes, I speak a little about the new Trump era

 It is not very often that anyone wants to ask me my opinion, since I run around so much with it basically hanging out like a slip at a Sunday picnic anyway. That being said, I was honored to be asked some delicious questions by Olea Hokes and have permission to share this exchange here. Enjoy, and don't be shy about speaking up in the comments. 
O.H. - When it comes to the new elected president are you optimistic or pessimistic?
Well let me start by saying everything I am about to say in no way reflects the opinions of my companies, associations, or constituents. My opinions are solely my own.
That being said...

O.H. -Lol 

This vainglorious fop is about to attempt to withdraw us from the civil and social progress that has been accomplished by two generations of citizens and allies in the Western World. He is vain, pompous,unprepared, and has the backing and game play book of several national socialist parties, dominionists, and radical right wing partisans that are hellbent on catapulting our intelligence and nation into a modern millennial state of serfdom, protectionism, patriarchal oppression, academic ignorance, and religious authoritarian creep.

The issues of racism, xenophobia, and sexist ideation are only manifestations of his control issues and are the symptoms of a controlled person out of control with their hands on the tools to engage us into a staging period that could lead to the nations of the world deciding we are too much of a wild mad dog nation to be allowed to go onward without their direct intervention.

In other words, this fool is going to possibly have us attacked and shunned as a renegade nation. He wants to dissolve the United Nations, or at least withdraw from it.

Hmmm, now, what do you think those other nations will do about that?

Also, he has given no concrete (pun intended) plan regarding the restoration of the infrastructure and how he intends to combat the protectionist tariffs and trade wars that are going to ensue with his draconian measures.
So, I would say that unless something very unexpected happens, like a piece of Skylab from the 70's falls to the Earth and burns his ass, I don't see things looking very rosey for our poseys.
Yes, I would venture to say I am a bit pessimistic
His campaign of bold and blatant misinformation has me looking for doublespeak posters.

Does he even Orwell, bro?
Photo of Norma Crane and Eddie Albert on the set of the CBS anthology television series Studio One. This was a presentation of George Orwell's 1984. The show's set designer is at left and the show's director is at right of the photo.

O.H. - In your opinion when was America great?

America was great before it was invaded and conquered through genocide, chattel slavery, and rife empire building. Now, as far as the United States of America, we are a warring nation that sits at the plate of peace with our mouths talking about how we are a peaceful folk at the banquet of humanity, but devours with bloody hands and sharpened nails.

Accepting this, that we are a nation born of conquest and guerrilla ideals, then I would say we were probably pretty damn close to our greatest during the Roosevelt years and after WWII

Only because of the baby boom and the increase in production as we spread our might around the world and instituted the post-official-slavery restructuring of the Jim Crow laws and right before we put the prison industrial complex into full implementation. 

We were very good at production, and the nationalistic bent of our expansionism propelled a time of prosperity for some, while cracks in the infrastructure of the class divisions would set the stage for the civil rights movement.

The sixties were a time of both good and bad for this country, as it lost its innocence, yet gained more of a collective inclusive conscience
O.H. - What makes a good president?
There is a lot to be gained by understanding that a president must be wise, courageous, even tempered, and versed in the ways of the halls of power.
They should be a student of history, foreign affairs and military science
A good leader should also surround themselves with competent advisers and be constantly learning about both supporters and opposition and try to find a workable meeting place between both. Otherwise they either become a door mouse or a dictator, and we have enough things that start with the prefix of dic going around in Washington D.C. politics right now that are ignorant and opportunistic glorified commercials.

Now, before I leave you, I am going to share with you a few things. Chiefly, I am going to ask you to use your minds to see something. I will share a link here to a speech by another charismatic leader who used a groundswell of support from the nationalistic disenchanted and impoverished to rise to power.

I ask you to keep in mind the speech that President Trump gave at his inauguration and how easily one could substitute his flag waving rhetoric, his grandiose self-satisfied left handed reference to the people of this nation, and all his fervor into the video I am about to share. I would also point you toward the constant referencing to God in his speeches to somehow validate his course and vision. Now,  substitute a U.S. flag for the one in the video, and our nation for the other. Lastly, with the destruction of the school systems hotly approaching, and the dumbing down of this nation's educational system, please see with new eyes the final fiery scenes.


 I would like to thank Ms. Hokes for the opportunity to answer her questions and let my ravings free. For those who I may have offended, I say wonderful! Now go take that energy and research how you can prove me wrong. For those who agree, wonderful! Now go do something about it.


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