Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Smokey Crystal keeps on rising

The story of "The Little Engine That Could" is a pale portrait of perseverance when compared to that epitome of adaptable mastery and gumption The Smokey Crystal.  Long beloved as the favorite down river spot for Pagan Southeast Michigan communities, it served as a haven and library for many years.  And like many jewels, it sometimes has to pass through different settings for people to appreciate the lustrous jade in their hands.

Michigan is a changeable realm.  The Fresh Water Seas are ever exerting their ebbs and flows, and so does our economy.  Pagans feel these tides, and our businesses sometimes need to make changes in order to ride the tides.  That is why it is so very important to shop locally and support our brick and mortar stores, because if we do not, they turn to the red ink of sacrifice.

Many a day has this writer known that Anna has robbed herself in order to keep this business going.  Working tirelessly, she refuses to let anyone destroy what she has built with, and for, the community.  Endless seasons of construction blocking their signage, population shifts, and good old fashioned economic downturn sought to overwhelm the Crystal, but they are not soft, these are Michigan folk.  We hustle harder.

The indomitable Anna Calhoun rises again, fresh with a new store location and a vibe of phoenix energy as she has burned a new beacon in Penelope's Vintage.  Nestled among treasures and curiosities, she has a prime location for any psychometrist's dreams.  And with her famous gifts of mediumship and oracular prowess, we can foresee a bright future in this uniquely welcoming location.

All the things you love about The Smokey Crystal are still there.  The special merchandise, the stones, the knowledge, and the wares.  And more importantly, the same genuine warmth and fellowship are intact, along with the hardiness of the traveler.

There is still a home for those who wander into her lands, and all who do will know that they are not only not lost, they have indeed found exactly what they were looking for all along.  The rituals, Sabbats, classes, and book signings are sure to reemerge, as well as the friendly greetings of Gweni, our Pagan Michigan approved official canine family member.  You can find them online at their site, and read more about them in the Pagan Business Network's business spotlight article.

The new location for The Smokey Crystal is at 12219 Dix Toledo Rd, in Southgate.  For those who follow the blue bird of bardic electronic knowledge, you can follow them on Twitter. Call them at

(734) 796-7702, and let them know your friendly neighborhood Pagan inkslinger sent you.  Let's keep those inked accounting entries out of red and keep them black this time, for all of us.  Shop your local Pagan businesses.

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