Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Pagan Business Network restructures and expands its reach

Seize the day!  That seems to be the cry of the Pagan Business Network, and the personal mission of its founder Charissa Iskiwitch.   What started as a modest proposal to empower Pagan business owners to take control of their destinies together has turned into a virtual blossoming entrepreneurial empire.  Building upon the momentum of the initial vision, it is striving to present a banquet of various media for the consumer to enjoy and from which to choose.

Those familiar with this dynamic organization will already be very familiar with its online presence.  But for those who may not have had a chance to really check them out, let's talk first about what they already have going.  In addition to acquiring the Pagan Black Book, social media has been very good business.

Their Facebook game is strong, as they maintain
Twitter has been caught up in the wave as well.  With members using the little blue bird of marketing happiness for a messenger, they have increased both sales and exposure for their membership  To see what is new, click here

While the conventional social media has been very good to the PBN, it has found that it is time to hatch from the falcon's egg and spread its wings far and wide.  The platforms used up until now are no longer adequate to deliver the entire experience that the network wants to provide.  

Paid membership has now been made into a viable and desirable option in order to enable the expansion of services that features perks and an exposure base that previously was only envisioned for long term in the future.  Well the future has become now.  The time for growth has come, and they have recognized that in order to succeed, they had to expand beyond what they have already created and strive to build even more upon its foundation.

"The only man who behaved sensibly was my tailor; he took my measurement anew every time he saw me, while all the rest went on with their old measurements and expected them to fit me." --George Bernard Shaw

While still maintaining their commitment to their Facebook ground floor members, they have expanded the resources available to paid membership in order to fund their growth.  When the business is more than a hobby, this is the next step.  With  paid membership comes 
  •  Business Spotlights
  •  Social Media Sharing
  •  Blogroll
  •  Membership Card
  •  Pagan Packs by PBN
  • First Call: Group Advertisements
  • Advertising Page on PBN Website
  • Basic Social Media Analysis
  • Basic Graphic Design / Marketing Analysis
  • Referrals
  • Social Media Sharing (Street Team)
  • Reduced Rates on Radio & Web Ads
  • Add Ons
  •  Business Listing on the Website
  •  Access to Business Discussions on Facebook 
  • Reviews
  •  Swag Bags
  •  Donations for Events
  •  Sharing Ladders
  •  Group Ads

They have invested in a professional broadcast platform for a radio station.   This will also include a mobile app that will soon allow streaming for the station.  Advertisers will be able to have both and audio, and visual, presence, with this utility.

Pagan musicians everywhere are encouraged to contact them to be featured on the station.  They are looking for music of all genres.  Devotional, spiritual, popular, tribal, rock, funk, chant, all these and more are welcome.  Those who compose instrumental music are also sought as well.

On air personality interviews, show ideas, event coverage, all these are in the plans.  Not a one trick pony, the station seeks to become a source of entertainment, enlightenment, and constant growth as far as shows and music.   And of course, members of the PBN will be right in there for spotlights, interviews, product reviews, and other advertising.

Business owners a chance to lend a voice to their names, give sound bites, and promote themselves.  Interviews, and shows, will also be featured as part of the regular programming on the station and on the new YouTube channel.  Videos of these interviews, event coverage, and more will comprise the promising content of this visual component of support.

Another intriguing development is the creation of a news site.  Featuring blogs, columns, interviews, and contributor columns, this will be the place that the public can go to find out about local and national events of interest to Pagans, read reviews, enjoy fun articles and learn.

Pagan Business Network is looking for columnists, bloggers, feature writers, serialists, illustrators, reporters, and interviewers for this venture.  Got an idea that you would love to see someone cover, if you are a writer, this is your chance.  Whether a reporter style column, blog post, or human interest piece, the doors are open to contributors.  Members can also earn special incentives by submitting pieces as well.

Be on the lookout for their Virtual Street Team.  A marketing body of the PBN, team members earn rewards by sharing ads and hashtags.  Yet another of the services groups under the umbrella of the main group, it allows for people who excel in this area to earn rewards and incentives.  Charissa sums it up best when she says

"This is will help build the PBN enabling it to bring you better resources."

The sheer magnitude of what Charissa has envisioned has necessitated the need for the creation of a staff that can be mini Atlasses to her world.  These include:
  • Sadie Odinsdottir - Marketing Director
  • Cardea Hinges - Administrative Director
  • Kenya Coviak - Managing News Director
  • Dru Ann Welch - Accounting Director
  • Mark Dennard - Website Director 
  • Scooter McMillan - Music Program Director
  • David Iskiwitch - Broadcast Station Director
  • Charissa Iskiwitch - The CEO and Owner ( this writer also refers to her as the Ringmaster)

And in 2018, the plan is for an actual physical conference.  That is right, a convention.  A gathering of the tribes, so to speak, to come together for workshops, presentations, seminars, and most importantly, networking.

But that is not going to be the only place presenters will be called on.  Webinars, interviews, and more are all in the plan.  Watch what happens next.

(Full disclosure: I am in PBN, so now you know.  No shock, hunh?)

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