Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Latest announcement from Pagan Pride Detroit Feb 16

As the Vice President for Pagan Pride Detroit, Inc., I write this with great joy and anticipation.  Great things happen in the Magical Mitten known as Michigan.  Right now, we see the transformation of a company that has been around for almost a decade.  I share with you now the new vision that Pagan Pride Detroit shares today with everyone, as written by your humble inkslinger.

Pagan Pride Detroit is a part of the Pagan Pride Project. A worldwide endeavor, it has given voice and fellowship to sistren and brethren that may otherwise be silenced.  It has given a day that says, “Yes, we are here. And we are like you. And you are loved and accepted, not just tolerated.”


This March we will hold elections for Board Positions. New and old faces will be highlighting their visions for the future of not only our this organization, but also what we wish to do to be as service to the communities overall. With our goals toward providing more outreach and opportunities for volunteers to get involved and help shape our directions, we are inviting all to come and make their voices heard and help us do the work.

For clarification, this is not an election regarding the offices of Coordinator for Pagan Pride Day Detroit. Those are offices determined solely by the Pagan Pride Project.
This election concerns the Board of Pagan Pride Detroit, Inc. In cooperation with the coordinators, we all make Pagan Pride Day Detroit happen. And this year looks to be even better than ever.

Each year, a different charity has benefited from the festival’s food drive. This year the charity is Pagans In Need. Existing in the community in various incarnations, from the FOCAS MI charities board to Pagans In Need, it has continued its mission of material and nutritional support. For that cause, we have continued our community partnership with them to make sure the help goes where it can be given to those most in need.

Our drawing will be held, as is our tradition, with the selected charity being the Michigan Pagan Scholarship Fund. This fund continues the legacy of the Tempest Smith Foundation, and provides financial aid for education to one student per year. We strongly support this mission, and welcome all to donate items to this year's teacup raffle to support the cause.

And lastly, this year will hold many new surprises. You will be seeing more of us in the flesh at many events. When you do, say hi. Let us know what kind of job we are doing. Tell us how you want us to improve, and come be a part of the team if you can. Every voice is of value, every hand is of great worth. All are equal in our vision to build and sustain an upward spiral of interfaith spiritual cooperation and celebration

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