Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Magickal Me class with Lady Daemon coming this Mar 31

This March 31, Pagan Pathways Temple hosts the Lady, the Legend, the Lady Daemon for her Magickal Me class.  This class teaches basics in magick.  Suitable for all levels of experience, it covers a variety of fundamental practices.

For those magickians in the Southeastern Michigan Pagan Communities, this name sounds melodic bells of recognition in your heads.  Scores of students  experienced her teachings over the years.  First at Isle of Avalon bookstore in Royal Oak, then later at Practical Magic in Hazel Park, she served as instructor and guide along this path we call magical studies.

The first area of focus contains magickal protections.  A primary goal in the path of the practitioner, there is no stress blazing forth as brightly as this area.  Various techniques are out there, and effective ones are on deck.
Another area of focus deals with ritual writing.  I witnessed multiple successes, and not so successful rituals.   Even one of mine was an epic fail when I used a word so many times in its construction that it almost became its own drinking game worthy fail.  

Not to be discounted in any way, the third area of focus entails candle blessings.  While it seems simple, this practice is a critical element to ritual and spell work that many do not quite have down.  Questions regarding technique, anointing, and others are encouraged.

The cost of this mini course will be only $10 per person.  Class size is limited to only 20 registrants, so contact the temple early if you are going to secure a spot.  This is not something happening very often, Daemon teaching outside of ConVocation, so do not miss your chance.  

Pagan Pathways Temple sits at 28736 John R Rd in Madison Heights, MI. You cannot miss it.  It is right next door to Mystic Moon LLC

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