Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Reclaiming the Serpent: Pagan Power Day Mar 17 in Flint

The Celts are alive and well and firing up the spirits in Flint, Michigan tomorrow March 17.  Our Irish Michigan Pagans are hosting Pagan Power Day.  A celebration of Irish ancestry, it promises to be a good time with a great bunch of lively folks.

At 7:00 p.m., they invite all to gather in honor of their Irish Pagan Ancestors.  The site for the festivities is Flint Riverbank Park,, located at 1 S Saginaw St.  Arrive at the Grand Fountain and bring your drums in remembrance of

"ones who were driven from Ireland: the witches, the pagans, the "heretics", the healers, the heroes. It means being reborn as the earth is renewed, having the strength to be the guardians of the earth, and the wisdom to heal."

"Reclaiming the Serpent means honoring our Irish ancestry." - D. Wallace

 But even more than this, there will be a specific intention behind this circle of friends and celebrants.  A healing will be sent to the Flint River and all those families who have been harmed and hurt by the recent tragedy of the Flint Water Crisis.  In harmony with this intention, they ask that you please bring any donations of bottled water that you can spare.  

Party with a cause tomorrow.  Suggested colors for the day are black, green, silver, and gold.  
Raise up your voices and lift up your hands.  Shout and sing and drum, and reclaim your serpent.

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