Thursday, July 14, 2016

Public Service Share: School supplies for Oglala Lakota Children's Justice Center

From time to time, this space is used to promote community and civic causes.  Because I can.  I am using it today to spread word about this drive to provide school supplies to Oglala Lakota Children's Justice Center .  This is the relevant information from the event, sponsored by Janet Herzberg Callahan and Barry Callahan.  You can find the event on facebook under School Supply Drive.  The drive lasts through July 17-July 30.

The Oglala Lakota Children's Justice Center (OLCJC)[formerly OLCASA]

Last year we delievered 7 backpacks full of school supplies and other needed items to the Oglala Lakota CASA (court appointed special advocates) - now called the Oglala Lakota Children's Justice Center for Lakota kids in foster care, plus we sent another huge box to the Emergency Youth Shelter in Pine Ridge.

I'd like to see us collect enough supplies for 10 children this year - I haven't heard yet if OLCJC will be doing backpacks again, but need is high on the reservation (most schools are 98%+ free lunches). I'll be setting up a better tracking system this year, which I hope to have organized this week.

Meanwhile....although school in Michigan isn't even out yet, schools on the reservation start up in mid-August, so including shipping, it's time to get started.

Here is the wishlist link on Amazon.  

CJC's request list is out, with 115 backpacks requested. I've got us tagged for 4 right now, but can add on as we're sure we'll get enough to fill all the backpacks.
C11 - boy first
c27 - girl 2nd
C36 - boy 3rd
c47 - girl 4th

The CJC would like to provide a backpack filled with school supplies for each of the children they serve, but they are severely underfunded and have no budget to do so.
Because there are only two paid staff members, the Director and one admin, they do not have resources to stuff backpacks with supplies so for this drive please donate an age appropriate filled backpack for a CJC child in need.
The early grades will need things like paper, pencils, crayons, markers, colored pencils, Kleenex packs, etc. The older kids will need calculators, pens, colored pencils, markers, pencils, mechanical pencils, spiral bound notebooks or ruled filler paper, 3 ring binders, highlighters, two pocket folders, composition books, rulers, pencil sharpeners, pencil boxes or zipper cases, pink erasers, Kleenex packs, etc.
If you'd like you can include some small personal items such as a book, bookmarks, a toothbrush and toothpaste, some colorful or tube socks, hair accessories, or a few Matchbox cars or other small toys, lip balm, and especially appreciated by the teens, antiperspirant.
Also, please do not send any products that depict owls, as they are a symbol of death in the Lakota culture. Any other prints/patterns/colors are fine.
Thank you so much for supporting the CJC kids, who have survived things no child should ever experience.

And a couple things not on the wishlist:
Last year it cost about $10/backpack to ship....which added up far faster than I expected.
If you want to donate towards shipping, or towards picking up random toys and personal items to go in the bags.

Go to and type in the amount. Since it’s PayPal, it's easy and secure.
 Children are our future.  And for those who are of the Paths of Faith, they are also our divine duty to nurture and protect.  If you are able, and so moved, please help.  For more information about the center, please contact them at Oglala Lakota CJC, Inc., P.O.Box 5014, Pine Ridge, SD 57770, or call (605) 867-5643.

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